Rose version 1.3 – Specify Menu For Each Portfolio Page

We just released Rose 1.3 version of Rose. You can specify a menu for each portfolio page now. Follow these steps to implement this change: 1. Go to Pages->Your Portfolio Page. 2. Scroll down to Portfolio Settings box, You will see Specify Menu setting look like:

Translate your WordPress theme, plugin with Loco Translate

As you know, there are thousands of plugins and themes all around the world. You can find them on, Envato, and other marketplaces.

If your main language is English, then there's not any problem with them. You just download the theme/plugin, install it and you

Rose Verion 1.2 – Custom Portfolio Url

Version 1.2 of Rose theme comes with a new functionality of portfolio. You can custom portfolio URL now.

Follow these steps above to implement this change:

Go to to download the latest version. Now We need to update the

Creating Tiled Galleries with Jetpack

If you are using the Jetpack plugin, and are also using the Carousel module, you can add even more cool features with the Tiled Galleries module. Say goodbye to the boring grid galleries that are your only choice with the default WordPress gallery settings. For example, this is a typical gallery

Hosting WordPress Blogs On Ubuntu With LAMP Support

Hosting your WordPress blogs on your own server is better than on a shared server. New webmasters will opt for shared environments as they’re easy to setup and manage.

The one big hurdle of running your own server is you become the server, network and security guru. Everything


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