Wiloke Service dances with Multisite now

Dear folks, Wiloke Service dance with Multisite now. If you are using Wiloke Service or higher version, simple skip this tutorial. Otherwise, please follow these instructions: Go to Plugins -> Look for Wiloke Service -> Deactivate and Delete it Download the new version

How to switch from NonRecurring Payment to Recurring Payment?

For users who are using ListGo 1.0.9 or smaller. Dear folk, ListGo just got even better. Now you can set up recurring payments to automatically get paid each month, week, day, or even year. The first thing you need to do: Backup all your data before updating. Log into your WordPress

How to setting up Wiloke Submission?

 Recurring Payment with PayPal is available from ListGo 1.1.0 Wiloke Submission was developed by Wiloke team, the plugin allows your users can submit their listings to your website through package plans that created by you. From the ListGo 1.1.0, ListGo got better, you can set up recurring

How to show the featured listings at the top of the search page?

This feature is based on ORDER BY <strong>order</strong> feature, the listing that has the highest order value will be shown at the top of the page. To set the Menu order manually, please click on Listings -&gt; Your Listing -&gt;  Order. <img class="alignnone size-large

Enabling Auto Location on the Add Listing Page

From the ListGo 1.0.7, You don't need to manually add Listing Location anymore, Your users can create their own location. To enable this feature, from the admin sidebar please click on Appearance -> Theme Options -> Listing Settings -> Select Location Type as Automatically Add Location

What’s new in ListGo 1.0.6

We want to say a big thank you for  @onyeka3d, @xtreme416 and all our customers who sent a lot of useful feedback and helped us to upgrade this version! We just released ListGo 1.0.6 today. Lots of features have been added:

1. New Dashboard Skin  for Customer


Understanding The Structure of Single Listing page In ListGo

In this tutorial, I will show you the structure of Single Listing page. By understanding the listing structure, it makes easier to visualize the meaning of the backend settings and how it will be displayed outside the front-end.

1, 2: It's the Listing Title and  Listing's


How to manage listings in ListGo?

In this tutorial, We show you how to manage listings in ListGo. But before we get into it, Please take a look to Wiloke Submission -> Settings -> Approved Method:

As you see, We have two options: Manual Review and Automatically Approval After Payment


What’s new in ListGo 1.0.5

We just released ListGo 1.0.5. In this version, We added new features for Pricing, You can check that by clicking on Pricing -> Add new (or your an existing pricing): Add ribbon for Listing: The listing will look like this screenshot on the front-end And It's going to greater to combine


Setup Client ID key for Wiloke Social Login

In this tutorial, I will show you how to setup a Google Client ID for Wiloke Social Login plugin. Firstly, Please ensure that this plugin is activated:

Now, please click on Wiloke Social Login from the admin sidebar then expand Google Settings. Creating


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