Improving your site speed

If you are using Listgo theme, here are some tips that helps to improve your site speed. We recommend using a good WordPress hosting such as Log into your site -> Plugins -> Add New -> Installing WP Supper Cache and then Activating it Once the plugin has

My site is blank after upgrading to the latest version

You will get this issue if  you missed too many versions of Listgo before. To solve this issue, please follow these steps: Go to Looking for Listgo -> Click on Download button -> Installable WordPress file only Log into your site Click on Plugins

Can’t upload image If AFC is activated

To solve this bug: If you are using the free version of AFC plugin: Accessing to your hosting -> Your WordPress content -> wp-content -> plugins -> advanced-custom-fields -> core -> controllers -> Opening field_group.php -> Go to line 378 -> Replacing the current code

Why does my map not work?

Firstly, Make sure that all Map Settings are provided: Appearance -> Theme Options -> General -> Map Settings. Please pay more attention to mapbox theme, it's Leftleft theme, not the default theme. To get a Map Box theme: Log into your mapbox account:

How to solve “whoops! This plan does not exists or no longer available anymore”?

Please log into your hosting address -> Your WordPress folder -> wp-config.php  -> Put define('WILOKE_STORE_WITH_DB', true); to the top of this file.


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