blogVault Best Service Backup For Your WordPress Site

blogVault Best Service Backup For Your WordPress Site

Regularly backing up your website is one of the most important things you can do to guard against losing all your data. After all, no one plans to be hacked or for their server to crash.

Although many backup plugins are free, there are also some that will cost you money. Before we look at the free ones, it’s worth considering the pros and cons of both types.

The biggest – and most noticeable – benefit of a free plugin is, of course, the price (or lack thereof). However, it’s always best to remember the phrase: “You get what you pay for.”

At Wiloke, We choose to use  blogvault to backup our site. blogvault helps you to create backups automatically, perform auto restorations, migrate sites and view backups for up to 30 days. You can save any backup you want from the backup archive to Dropbox. You can test-run backups on blogVAULT servers, to check if the selected backup is the one you wanted.

The below I’ll give you a behind the scenes look at what using this services was like and then give you my review at the end.

Getting Started with blogVault

To get started I headed over to the blogVault website and signed up for a free trial. The first thing I had to do was fill out the form below and create a new account.

blogVault Best Service Backup For Your WordPress Site

After creating my account another pop-up appeared asking me to give blogVault my WordPress credentials so that it can install the necessary plugin for me. There is also an option to download the plugin and install it manually (like every other plugin) but I chose to go ahead and get the full experience blogVault offers and let them do it for me.

Backing Up Your WordPress Site

After creating my account I stepped out for a moment to grab a cup of coffee and when I came back it was already more than halfway through it’s first automatic backup, with another one scheduled for four hours later. Now that is what I call awesome! It’s one of the few WordPress services/plugins I’ve reviewed in a long while that “just works”. There is literally zero configuring required.

blogVault Features

blogVault offer a variety of features for you such as:

I. Backup Now

II. Test – Restore

III. History

IV. Dowload Backup


V. Migrate-Site


Vi. Upload to Dropbox


blogVault really impressed me. I’ve used a lot of WordPress backup plugins in the past and none of them provided this kind of simplicity, security and convenience. It works so well that when you arrive on the dashboard and begin testing the different features you might catch yourself wondering, “Shouldn’t this be more difficult?” Because if you’ve tried this any other way, chances are it was. I give this service/plugin five stars and two big thumbs up. Highly recommended.


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