Solving “Hours are adding zeros to the hours”

To fix this issue, please download this plugin Next, click on Plugins -> Add New -> Upload Plugin -> Uploading the downloaded file -> Activate it Now, click on Solving Bussiness Hours on the sidebar -> Executing it You can delete this

How to setup Coupon code in Listgo?

From Listgo, we added Discount feature, by using this feature you can create a coupon code for your Non-Recurring Add Listing Plans and your event plans. Note that this feature is not available for Recurring Add Listing Plan: Wiloke Submission -> Settings -> Billing Type. But don't

Improving your site speed

If you are using Listgo theme, here are some tips that helps to improve your site speed. We recommend using a good WordPress hosting such as Log into your site -> Plugins -> Add New -> Installing WP Supper Cache and then Activating it Once the plugin has

My site is blank after upgrading to the latest version

You will get this issue if  you missed too many versions of Listgo before. To solve this issue, please follow these steps: Go to Looking for Listgo -> Click on Download button -> Installable WordPress file only Log into your site Click on Plugins

How to setup Facebook Chat in Listgo?

 1. Administrator As an administrator, you can setup Facebook chat for whole pages.  From the admin sidebar, click on Appearance -> Theme Options -> Facebook Settings -> Providing Facebook App ID and Facebook Fanpage ID 2. Listing Author As an Listing Author, you can setup

How to setup Facebook Fanpage in Listgo?

I. Get Facebook Fanpage To get Facebook Fanpage Source: Please go to Click on Get Code button Navigate to IFrame tab Copy code within src tag Finally, go to Listings -> Your Listing -> Paste the copied code to Facebook

How to setup Timekit in Listgo?

From Listgo 1.6.1, You can integrate into each Single Listing. In this tutorial, We will show you how to complete Timekit Configuration. Before we get into it, Make sure that you are using the latest version of Listgo - I.

Setup Promotion Listing feature In Listgo

Promotion Listing Feature is now available from 1.5.3. In this tutorial, I will show you how to setup this feature in your site. I. Updating to Listgo 1.5.3

Before We get into this feature, make sure that you are using the latest version of Listgo and Listgo's plugins. We described

Managing Subscriptions and Sales In Listgo 1.5.x

In Listgo 1.5.0, You will see 3 new menu items under Wiloke Submissions: Subscriptions, Sales and Session Details. In this tutorial, I gonna show you when we get a subscription record, when we get a sale  record, therefrom it will help you to manage Wiloke Submission better.

Enabling Free Add Listing mode In Listgo 1.5.x

We glad to say that Free Add Listing is now available in Listgo 1.5.0. In this tutorial, I will show you how to enable this feature. Make sure that you are using Listgo 1.5.0: From the admin sidebar, click on Listing Pricing -> Add New ->


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