Learn how to update your Listgo to the latest version.

Before you update Make a backup by using WordPress backup plugin  Backup your translation files (Including Listgo themes and Listgo's plugins) Update Listgo and Listgo's plugins Make sure that Wiloke Service is activated: How to activate Wiloke Service?. To generate Wiloke Token,

How to get Google reCAPTCHA keys?

In this tutorial, I will show you how to get a Google reCAPTCHA key. Firstly, please go to this link, look at the top right corner you will see Get reCAPTCHA link, click on it. Next, scroll down to Register a new site: Choose the type of

Making your translation upgrade safe

There are 3 ways for you to avoid losing changes in edited language file: 1. You can move all language files to wp-content 2. To avoid losing the edited files after you update the new version, we recommend that you should install childtheme and move all language files to

OpenTable Widget

OpenTable is a website that allows you to reserve a table with restaurants who use the service. Adding the OpenTable Widget to Listing Sidebar To add the OpenTable Widget to your sidebar, go to the Appearance -> Widgets -> Looking for ListGo (OSP) Open Table -> Adding this widget to

How does “Event Plan” work?

Event Plan is available from ListGo 1.2.2, this feature allows your user create events for their listings.  In this tutorial, I will show you how to setup this feature and explain how Event Plan works. I. Setup Event Pricing Firstly, ensure that everything is up-to-date, please read topic to

ListGo 1.1.5 – Flat Style for Listing Layout

Dear folks, We just added 2 new styles to Listing Layout. To set up the new styles for your website, please follow these steps below: Listing Layout shortcode Listing Template

ListGo 1.1.5 – Translation Issue Has Been Fixed

We just released ListGo 1.1.5, The problem with translation has been fixed. Ignore this tutorial if you use ListGo from 1.1.5 Sync the new translation file directly to your source code Before syncing the new translation file, make sure that You are using ListGo 1.1.5, Wiloke ListGo Functionality

Setup Plan for 2Checkout Payment Gateway

If you want to use 2Checkout Payment Gateway for site, you need to read this article. 

Setup Regular Price 2Checkout currently supports recurrence intervals that will allow the sale to bill your customer every week, month or year. If you want to create a plan, let's say, 20$ per

How to “Auto Refund After Your Customer Changed Their Plan” Works? – 2checkout ListGo

In this tutorial, I want to explain "Auto Refund After Your Customer Changed Their Plan" feature. This feature can be found within Wiloke Submission -> Settings -> 2Checkout General Settings section. In the case, you want to use Recurring Payment feature, it means you allow your customer

Recurring Payments – 2Checkout Gateway Configuration

Dear folks, We are glad to announce that 2Checkout Gateway has been integrated to ListGo now. In this tutorial, I will show you how to configure 2Checkout  in the theme. 1. Enabling 2Checkout Payment Gateway From the admin sidebar, please click on Wiloke Submission -> Settings -> Add


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