How to switch from NonRecurring Payment to Recurring Payment?

How to switch from NonRecurring Payment to Recurring Payment?

For users who are using ListGo 1.0.9 or smaller.

Dear folk,

ListGo just got even better. Now you can set up recurring payments to automatically get paid each month, week, day, or even year.

The first thing you need to do:

  • Backup all your data before updating.
  • Log into your WordPress admin -> Dashboards -> Update the following plugins: Wiloke ListGo Widgets, Wiloke ListGo Functionality and the ListGo theme
  • From the admin sidebar, click on Plugins -> Looking for ListGo functionality -> Deactive and then Reactivate it.

Switch from NonRecurring Payment to Recurring Payment

To enable this feature, please click on Wiloke Submission  -> Settings -> Looking for Billing Type and select Recurring Payment. Please read this tutorial How to setting up Wiloke Submission? to understand how Recurring Payment works.

Warning: From ListGo 1.1.0, Select Package setting in Package shortcode is no longer available. We migrated this setting to Wiloke Submission -> Settings -> Customer Plans 


What about my customers who purchased the NonRecurring plan before?

They can still submit their listing as normal. After their plan expire, they need to buy a new plan and now it’s recurring subscription plan. 


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