OpenTable Widget

OpenTable Widget

OpenTable is a website that allows you to reserve a table with restaurants who use the service.

Adding the OpenTable Widget to Listing Sidebar

To add the OpenTable Widget to your sidebar, go to the Appearance -> Widgets -> Looking for ListGo (OSP) Open Table -> Adding this widget to Listing Sidebar area.

Once the widget has been added to Listing Sidebar area you can click on it in the Sidebar area, give it a title and Button Name.

Adding Restaurant ID to Listing page

From the admin sidebar, go to Listings -> Your listing -> Looking for Open Table Settings box. Here you will see 2 settings: Restaurant Name (optional) and Restaurant ID (required).

To find Restaurant ID, please go to this page (We already put this link in the box)

Enter your Restaurant name and click -Next button.

Finally, copying Restaurant ID and paste it into Restaurant ID field in the box.


Adding Open Table To Add Listing page

From the admin sidebar, click on Pricings -> Your Pricing -> Enable this feature



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