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What’s new in ListGo 1.0.5

We just released ListGo 1.0.5. In this version, We added new features for Pricing, You can check that by clicking on Pricing -> Add new (or your an existing pricing): Add ribbon for Listing: The listing will look like this screenshot on the front-end And It's going to greater to combine


Setup Client ID key for Wiloke Social Login

In this tutorial, I will show you how to setup a Google Client ID for Wiloke Social Login plugin. Firstly, Please ensure that this plugin is activated:

Now, please click on Wiloke Social Login from the admin sidebar then expand Google Settings. Creating

The update issue has been fixed

We just fixed update bug. Please following the steps to solve it: Please download Wiloke Service here Log into your WordPress site Navigate to Plugins -> Looking for Wiloke Service then delete this plugin Re-install the plugin with the download package Once you activated


Filling up Icon Listgo Content Box Widget

In this tip, I will show you how to fill up an icon to  Content Box Widget of the ListGo - Listing WordPress Theme Firstly, please go to Elegant Icons because the theme uses theirs icons. Scrolling down to Complete List of Class Name section Choosing an icon that you want and fill up to


Discovering Listing Shortcodes

In this tutorial, We will discover Listing Layout shortcode and Listing Layout template. The theme support 4 kind of listing layouts: List Layout, Grid layout, List 1 Layout and Grid 1 Layout. Each layout is integrated awesome features such as: Load more listings, Pagination, Filter Listing By

Showing your listings by using Wiloke Design Tool

Wiloke Design tool is a shortcode made by Wiloke team, It allows building a grid layout with a few clicks. You can also arrange layout  by using Drop layout item. To resize layout item, You just need to live click on it. This shortcode already integrated on OZ, Fotos, and now Listgo.  Now We will


How to create a Hero section for your Homepage.

In this tutorial, I will show you how to create a here section for your homepage. Note that homepage here is a static page,  refer to this link to understand what is a Static page Static Page. Log into your WordPress admin, of course. Pages -> Your home page Set that page as Home Page

Hermes – Version 1.3.2

Dear folks! We just released version 1.3.2 of Hermes. In this version, you can toggle Map shortcode on the mobile devices. If you select disable Map shortcode, Map will not be used on the mobile devices, please note that it doesn't mean this section is not used on the mobile devices, it just

Creating Login/Register Page for the Asgard

As you know, Asgard is one of our WordPress theme, It's best choice for people who want to create a website with multi-authors submission functionality. And in this tutorial, I will show you how to create Login/register page in the theme. Firstly, You need to install the theme, of course and go

S3 Amazon Service Has Been Integrated Into Wiloke Service

We just integrated S3 Amazon Service (S3) into Wiloke Service plugin. If you don't know what is S3 Amazon, please refer to this link to know more. In this tutorial, I will show you how to create an account for S3  and how to using the


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