Setup Promotion Listing feature In Listgo

Setup Promotion Listing feature In Listgo

Promotion Listing Feature is now available from 1.5.3. In this tutorial, I will show you how to setup this feature in your site.

I. Updating to Listgo 1.5.3


Before We get into this feature, make sure that you are using the latest version of Listgo and Listgo’s plugins. We described step by step how to update to the latest version here: -> Listgo -> Changelog


II. Activating Wiloke Listgo Promotion plan

Next, you need to install and activate Wiloke Listgo Promotion plan plugin. From the admin sidebar, please click on Appearance -> Install Plugins -> Wiloke Listgo Promotion plugin, once the plugin has been installed, please click on Plugins -> Looking for Wiloke Listgo Promotion -> Activate it.


III. Setup  Promotion Options

Once the plugin has been activated, You should see Promotion Pricing on your admin sidebar, click on it. You will see three promotion options (We will add more options in the feature), you can set price to each promotion feature. Click Update/Publish to publish your Promotion Plan.

IV. Setup Promotion Settings in Wiloke Submission

From the admin sidebar, click on Wiloke Submission -> Promotion Settings and complete all settings there.

V. Promotion Notifications

To define your promotion notifications, Click on Wiloke Submission -> Email Notification -> Scroll down to Promotion Messages section.

Note that  if you are using Listgo 1.5.2 or smaller version and decide to migrate to Listgo 1.5.3, even if you want to use the default messages, you still have to go to Email Notification area and click Save Changes button. 

VI. How to Wiloke Listgo Promotion Works

Who can purchase a Promotion Plan? A customer who has the PUBLISH listings can purchase a Promotion Plan.

Once customer purchased a Promotion Plan, Listgo will automatically generate a Promotion article (Your admin sidebar -> Promotion), clicking on the Promotion article, you can see what Promotion Options your customer purchased, the Promotion Duration and the name of Listing they want to promote on your site.


Once their customer purchased a promotion plan, they should get an email notification (You can customize the email content by referring to V. Promotion Notifications), and you should also get an email notification about this action.

For example: Nguyen Nguyen want to promote his Listing on the sidebar: The best things to  do in Fort Wayne, so he decided to go to Promotion page -> Purchased Show Listing on Sidebar Option, and pay via Stripe gateway.

  1. You should get an email notification of  this session like this 
  2. And Nguyen Nguyen should get an email like this 


VII. Paying via Direct Bank Transfer

In case your customer pay via Direct Bank Transfer gateway, Similar to Add Listing page, From the admin sidebar, click on Wiloke Submission -> Sales -> Update to new Sale status.

If  you have any further question, please open a topic at We highly recommend following to get a notification of each update.


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