Showing your listings by using Wiloke Design Tool

Showing your listings by using Wiloke Design Tool

Wiloke Design tool is a shortcode made by Wiloke team, It allows building a grid layout with a few clicks. You can also arrange layout  by using Drop layout item. To resize layout item, You just need to live click on it. This shortcode already integrated on OZ, Fotos, and now Listgo

Now We will create a Featured Block with Wiloke Design Tool.

  1. Go to Pages -> Your page
  2. Click add shortcode -> Navigate to Wiloke tab
  3. Select Wiloke Design Tools
  4. We will discover some settings:  Item Type: If you want to show listings on the front-page, selecting Listing. If, in case, you want to show Taxonomies on the front-page – for example, a block to show continentals, selecting Taxonomy. Show terms: Decide to kind of taxonomy will be displayed on the grid-item, seeing this screenshot to understand more 
  5. Now switch to Design tab  

It’s easy to build a Grid Section, isn’t it? Just  a few clicks, it’s awesome!

One more thing, If you want to write somethings above the block, You can use Heading shortcode:

  1. Click Add New shortcode
  2. Navigate to Wiloke tab
  3.  Select Heading shortcode



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