Can’t upload image If AFC is activated

To solve this bug: If you are using the free version of AFC plugin: Accessing to your hosting -> Your WordPress content -> wp-content -> plugins -> advanced-custom-fields -> core -> controllers -> Opening field_group.php -> Go to line 378 -> Replacing the current code

Why does my map not work?

Firstly, Make sure that all Map Settings are provided: Appearance -> Theme Options -> General -> Map Settings. Please pay more attention to mapbox theme, it's Leftleft theme, not the default theme. To get a Map Box theme: Log into your mapbox account: https://www.mapbox.com/

How to solve “whoops! This plan does not exists or no longer available anymore”?

Please log into your hosting address -> Your WordPress folder -> wp-config.php  -> Put define('WILOKE_STORE_WITH_DB', true); to the top of this file.


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