Setup PayPal Gateway In Listgo 1.5.x

In this tutorial, We will show you how to setup PayPal in Listgo 1.5.x. 1. Creating PayPal App To create a PayPal app, please go to this link Next, click on My Apps & Credentials 

then scroll down to Rest API apps

OpenTable Widget

OpenTable is a website that allows you to reserve a table with restaurants who use the service. Adding the OpenTable Widget to Listing Sidebar To add the OpenTable Widget to your sidebar, go to the Appearance -> Widgets -> Looking for ListGo (OSP) Open Table -> Adding this widget to


Discovering Listing Shortcodes

In this tutorial, We will discover Listing Layout shortcode and Listing Layout template. The theme support 4 kind of listing layouts: List Layout, Grid layout, List 1 Layout and Grid 1 Layout. Each layout is integrated awesome features such as: Load more listings, Pagination, Filter Listing By

Improving your site with CloudFlare and W3 Total Cache

  CloudFlare and W3Total Cache plugin is a fantastic way to speed up your site.  In this tutorial, I will show you how to configure CloudFlare + W3Toltal Cache, If you want to get more information for CloudFlare and W3Total Cache, please refer to those

Using Wiloke Custom Content Shortcode in Hermes WordPress Theme

There a great shortcode in the Hermes called Wiloke Custom Content. The shortcode takes advantage cool features from WordPress Editor. In this tutorial, I will show you how to use it. Firstly, You need to login into your WordPress admin area. Now click on Pages->Add New to create a

Tweak your WordPress Theme, how to add custom CSS

A lot of themes with few options to customize it, others with tons of options. But there will always be that particular string on that specific page that you need to make blue! Why? I don’t care; I love blue, so it must be blue! What happens if you don’t know how to change it? You ask for support

Translate your WordPress theme, plugin with Loco Translate

As you know, there are thousands of plugins and themes all around the world. You can find them on, Envato, and other marketplaces.

If your main language is English, then there's not any problem with them. You just download the theme/plugin, install it and you

Creating Tiled Galleries with Jetpack

If you are using the Jetpack plugin, and are also using the Carousel module, you can add even more cool features with the Tiled Galleries module. Say goodbye to the boring grid galleries that are your only choice with the default WordPress gallery settings. For example, this is a typical gallery

Hosting WordPress Blogs On Ubuntu With LAMP Support

Hosting your WordPress blogs on your own server is better than on a shared server. New webmasters will opt for shared environments as they’re easy to setup and manage.

The one big hurdle of running your own server is you become the server, network and security guru. Everything

Integrate Instagram Into Your WordPress Site

Probably almost everyone who often shares pictures on Instagram would also love to share them directly on their WordPress website. And luckily this is not difficult at all, since there lots of useful WordPress plugins out there, that make it possible to share a preview of your images on WordPress as


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