How to Update to Listgo 1.5.0

How to Update to Listgo 1.5.0

Dear folks,

Listgo 1.5.0 is available now. In this tutorial, I will show you how to update to this version.

1. Activating Wiloke Service

Firstly, Make sure that Wiloke Service is activated, If you have not activated it yet, please refer to this tutorial

2. Create a backup

3. Updating Wiloke Listgo Functionality and Listgo theme

From the admin sidebar, click on Dashboard -> Updates -> Checked on Wiloke Listgo Functionality ->   Clicks Update Plugins.

Next, Checked on Listgo theme -> Clicks Update Themes

Note that after you clicked Update Themes / Update Plugins but there are nothing change, please access to your hosting -> your WordPress folder -> Opening wp-config.php and put the below code into this file.

define('FS_METHOD', 'direct');

4. Setup PayPal In Listgo 1.5.0

If you don’t have a plan to use PayPal gateway in your site, simply ignore this step.

Setup PayPal gateway in Listgo 1.5.0: Note that you have to re-setup PayPal gateway even you have already done it in Listgo 1.4.x or smaller version.

5. Migrating from Listgo 1.4.x to Listgo 1.5.0

Please download this plugin wiloke-migrate-to-listgo-15 , next From the admin sidebar, click on Plugins -> Add New -> Installing and Activating the plugin.

Now, you will see Migrate To Listgo 1.5.0 on the sidebar, click on it -> Migrating your data to Listgo 1.5.0

Once all tasks have been completed, You can deactivate the plugin.

If you have any problems during migrating, feel free open a topic at or contact us at , We will work either Saturday or Sunday.



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