Using Wiloke Custom Content Shortcode in Hermes WordPress Theme

Using Wiloke Custom Content Shortcode in Hermes WordPress Theme

There a great shortcode in the Hermes called Wiloke Custom Content. The shortcode takes advantage cool features from WordPress Editor. In this tutorial, I will show you how to use it.

Firstly, You need to login into your WordPress admin area. Now click on Pages->Add New to create a page.

Next,  Set the page as Page Builder Template

Creating a page in hermes

Click on (+) icon to add our first shortcode. A list of shortcodes will be appeared, select Wiloke Custom Content shortcode (It’s second place from right to left)

Adding Wiloke Custom Content

Scroll down you will see Custom Content button, click on it

Using Wiloke Custom Content Shortcode.

The result should look similar to this after clicked

WordPress Editor

As I told before, you are able to use all of shortcodes of WordPress Editor for the shortcode. Now try to click on Insert shortcode 


Yep, a lot of shortcodes for you. Here I used gallery shortcode.


For example

Once you have fished your design, hits Save Custom Content button

Wiloke Custom Content Shortcode

Now you are able to Add other shortcodes or click Update / Publish button to finish.

And here is what I got

Result of Wiloke Custom Content

It just an example about Wiloke Custom Content but it helps you have got the way that shortcode play. Don’t forget this keyword “Take advantage from WordPress Editor”. Mixing more than one shortcode in WordPress Editor to create a cool page for your website.



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