Your journey: Use Featured Image As Header Image

Your journey: Use Featured Image As Header Image

We have added Heade Image option in Yourjourney WordPress theme. It allows you display image and title at the top of archive, search, post and page:



To Enable this functionality, From the admin sidebar, You click on Appearacne->Customize->Header->Header Image:



We also allow you override this image for each category, page, and post. To replace this image in category page, please follow the steps below:



In single post, There are 3 choices:

  • Default: Use the setting, which set in Customize.
  • Enable, Disable: This setting will override the setting in Customize

If you upload a Header Image for single post, this image will be used instead the image, which has been uploaded in Customize. If you leave empty, the Customize Image will be used.



But If you used other WordPress theme before and now you  switch to Yourjourney, You have already added  Featured Images of all posts and you want to use these Featured Images as Header Image. How to do it? Very easy, Please download this plugin: yourjouney-using-featuredimage and then active it: Now Header Image will get from your Featured Image.


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